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You can Eat the Dishes at this Vancouver food stand

This new food-venture specializes in plant-based soups and hot chocolate, served in edible bowls
Eat the Dishes
You can literally Eat The Dishes.

Sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too, but when it comes to this innovative new Vancouver food stand, you can have your soup and eat your dishes, too.

Eat the Dishes is a new food-venture that specializes in plant-based soups, and hot chocolate, served in edible cups and bowls.

Founded by Marissa Bergeron, Eat the Dishes began as a response to the extraordinary waste of packaged food products and other on-the-go kinds of meals.

The cups are made from a bread base and are pressed for a few minutes before being filled and served. The vessel will hold for about two hours after, though, of course, you’ll probably eat it (or compost it) long before then.

Eat the Dishes ladles their soups up at their food stand at local markets and events. For example, in the coming months you will find them at the Kwantlen St Winter Market, VegExpo, the Vegan Night Market, Compassion Con, and more. Their “find us” section on their website has dates and times.