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Write On! These writers came out tops in annual New Westminster contest

Royal City Literary Arts Society awards cash prizes for poetry, non-fiction and fiction work each year
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The Royal City Literary Arts Society has announced the winners of its 2021 Write On! contest.

The Royal City Literary Arts Society has announced the winners of its annual Write On! contest.

The New Westminster-based group holds the contest annually, awarding cash prizes (of $150, $100 and $75) to the top three entries in three categories: poetry, non-fiction and fiction.

This year’s three top winners were Natalie Hryciuk in poetry, for Without Warning; Alexander Hamilton-Brown in non-fiction, for Angela’s Diary; and Anne Ramallo in fiction, for One More Rose Gold Sunset.

The winners and honourable mentions will be published in the society’s e-zine, Wordplay at Work.


Poetry First Place: Natalie Hryciuk – Without Warning
Poetry Second Place: P.W. Bridgman – Poetry Makes Nothing Happen, Or So It's Said
Poetry Third Place: Alvin Ens – Joys of Golf

Poetry Honourable Mentions
Madeline Ewanyshyn – The Recipe
Gerald Murphy – Jack
Diana Hayes – Mister Raven and My Tourmaline Earring


Non-Fiction First Place: Alexander Hamilton-Brown – Angela’s Diary

Non-Fiction Second Place: Evelyn Schofield – Bridges: Memories of Dad
Non-Fiction Third Place: Jude Goodwin – The Big Red Bus

Non-Fiction Honourable Mentions
Celeste Snowber – Gull Woman  
Angela Post – Dear Covid-19  
Angela Douglas – Ischia's Lemons


Fiction First Place: Anne Ramallo – One More Rose Gold Sunset
Fiction Second Place: Kimberley Aslett – The Path to Forest Hill
Fiction Third Place: Holly Quan – Holes

Fiction Honourable Mentions
Alexander Hamilton-Brown – When Trees Could Walk: A Fable
Christine Cowan – Peppermint
Janaya Fuller Evans – City of Ships 

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