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She speaks the language of flowers

Floriography features art by Grazyna Wolski, on now at the arts council gallery

Whatever the weather does outdoors, it definitely looks like spring indoors at the Arts Council of New Westminster Gallery.
The gallery has opened a new exhibition, Floriography, the silent language of flowers.
The work by artist Grazyna Wolski is on display at the gallery until March 29, and an opening reception was held March 9.
"Art, I believe is spiritual in nature. It gives voice to my soul, it is healing and therapeutic. Creative process, enthused by the endless beauty of nature - her flawlessness, yet imperfection - reminds me of my own journey, forever developing and unpredictable, yet also miraculous," Wolski says in an artist statement.
Wolski says she feels a deep emotional connection with flowers.
"They are my infinite source of inspiration, standing as a metaphor for how I feel about life and people," she says. "I paint them to tell stories, evoke memories, bring joy and to please the senses of the viewer."
Her art can be viewed at the gallery in Centennial Lodge, Queen's Park. It's open 1 to 5 p.m. daily except Mondays.
Find out more about Wolski at For more details about the exhibition, see