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Romance & Roses: Catch this May art exhibition at Queen's Park gallery

There's an artist talk coming on Sunday, May 21.
Artwork by Marney-Rose Edge is on display in Romance & Roses, running until May 28 at the Gallery at Queen's Park.

It's what the human race stays alive for.

Artist Marney-Rose Edge is presenting an exhibition called Romance & Roses at the Gallery at Queen's Park, running until May 28.

Edge, in a statement about the exhibition, noted she was struck by a quote from Robin Williams, in which the late actor said (in the movie Dead Poets Society): "But poetry, beauty, romance, love ... these are what we stay alive for."

"I read this quote by Robin Williams, and it truly struck a chord in my soul," Edge said. "My work is all about beauty, love, romance and, in my case, visual poetry. Here in a single sentence states 'these are what we stay alive for.'"

Edge, who is a senior signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, noted that the inspiration for the work started with ribbons — "a binding of soft yet strong fabric, bringing and holding everything together," as she said.

In her work, ribbons are used in place of stems to create movement and flow through compositions featuring roses, "the most beautiful flower."

"My idea is to see romantic experiences like falling in love, an engagement or Valentine's Day as a way to create conversations about love, romance and beauty," Edge wrote.

"I feel it gets overlooked or is shut away behind closed doors, so often in our busy lives. We need true examples of romance, beauty and love for the next generation.

"Remember, these are what we, the human  race, stays alive for."

Romance & Roses is on display at the Gallery at Queen's Park in Centennial Lodge until May 28. There's an artist talk coming on Sunday, May 21 from 1 to 3 p.m.

The gallery is open Wednesdays through Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Admission is free, but donations are always encouraged.

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