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Fill in the Blanks: Meet Margo Prentice

We're continuing with our new feature, Fill in the Blanks. It's designed to spotlight interesting folks from the city's arts and entertainment community.
Margo Prentice
Getting to know you: Meet Margo Prentice, the subject of this week's Fill in the Blanks profile.

We're continuing with our new feature, Fill in the Blanks. It's designed to spotlight interesting folks from the city's arts and entertainment community.

Each subject fills in a questionnaire, "filling in the blanks" to let us know a little bit more about themselves.

In today's edition, we meet the multi-talented writer-performer-director-comedian Margo Prentice.


1. I am a retired lady who loves everything that l now have time to do, writing stories, poetry and theatre, performing comedy.

2. I spend my time writing, reading my stories and poems, directing the Golden Age Theatre, and stand-up comedy. Taking care of my husband and going for walks. Watching  Downton Abbey and The Walking Dead on TV.

3. Right now I am working on rewrites of my many stories and plays. Stepping out of my theatrical "box" and auditioning people for a interactive play I plan to direct called Aunt Martha's Funeral. It is very funny!

4. The books on my bedside table right now are poetry books. I love the locals, Candice James, Franci Louanne, Bonnie Nish, Dennis Bolton. (Just finished reading the book, The Glass Castle.) I like listening to books.

5. Three songs you'll find on my IPod playlist are ... I don't do IPod but have classical opera on my computer to listen to. I love Randy Bachman's rock show on CBC, love the blues. I put on the East Indian radio station and dance to the music.

6. One work of art that inspires me is the statue of David because he is perfection. Also like Rembrandt's Night Watch. I sat in front of it for hours.

7. One artist who inspired me was Marian Anderson because as a child I thought she was the bravest person I had ever seen, she was the candle that lit the civil rights movement and one of the greatest singers of the 20th century. Or, for today, actress Judi Dench, who started in movies after she was 60, and look where she has gone!

8. My idea of a perfect day is feeling good, sunshine and completing something with complete satisfaction.

9. My favourite edible (or potable) treat is old-fashioned beef stew with mashed potatoes. Good dim sum.

10. My guilty pleasure is Purdy's chocolate/a good cinnamon bun. Finding a designer outfit deal that fits me well at the Sally Ann boutique and buying even if I don't need it.

11. My favourite vacation spot is any beach where I can lie in the sun (on a comfortable chair) and read a book.

12. My favourite thing about New Westminster is the people. The enthusiast arts community, Century House. My home here.

13. If I could sit down for coffee with anyone at all, I would choose  Charles Dickens, Katherine Hepburn, Robin Morgan.

14. If I could live anywhere at any point in time, I would choose the salons in Paris, France, 1850 to 1900.

15. If I could have a superpower, my superpower would be that I would know how to provide food and shelter to those who needed it. And I would know how to teach everyone how to live in peace.

16. If people want to find out more about me, they can e-mail me at [email protected].

And finally ... It is never to late to start working on your dreams, they do come true. At 65, I married my wonderful husband! Since then I have been able to fulfil most of my dreams!

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