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Fill in the Blanks: Meet Cliff Blank

New profile series shines a spotlight on people from the arts and entertainment community
Cliff Blank
Cliff Blank is a New Westminster artist and graphic designer, and the first subject in our new Fill in the Blanks series.

Today we're kicking off a new feature for The Record, Fill in the Blanks.

It's designed to spotlight interesting folks from the city's arts and entertainment community.

Each subject fills in a questionnaire, "filling in the blanks" to let us know a little bit more about themselves.

In today's edition, we meet artist and graphic designer Cliff Blank, a member of the New West Artists group (and yes, that really is his last name).

Here's Cliff ...

1. I am a graphic designer by day, student by night.

2. I spend my time working on studying to become an educator's assistant.

3. Right now I am working on writing and illustrating my second children's book. I'm also creating new works for my ongoing series, DOGMA Portraits.

4. The book on my bedside table right now is Inclusive Teaching: The Journey Towards Effective Schools for All Learners, by J. Michael Peterson and Mishael M. Hittie.

5. Three songs you'll find on my IPod playlist are a pile of dance remixes to keep me going when I'm tackling a design project.

6. One work of art that inspires me is Impression, Sunrise by Claude Monet because it started one of my favorite art movements.

7. One artist who inspires me is Andy Warhol because he changed how we thought and viewed art.

8. My idea of a perfect day is travelling somewhere new.

9. My favourite edible (or potable) treat is red light hot Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Or mini doughnuts at the PNE.

10. My guilty pleasure is Disneyland and/or Disney World.

11. My favourite vacation spot is anywhere warm, or number 10.

12. My favourite thing about New Westminster is the small-town community feel.

13. If I could sit down for coffee with anyone at all, I would choose Vincent van Gogh. I think he needed somebody to listen.

14. If I could live anywhere at any point in time, I would choose Paris during the 19th century Impressionism movement.

15. If I could have a superpower, my superpower would be time travel. Who doesn't want to know their destiny (or lottery numbers) in the future? Or visit Egypt when the pyramids were being built?

And finally ...

16. If people want to find out more about me, they can friend me on Facebook (search for Cliff Blank), follow me on Twitter (@cliffblank) or view my DOGMA Portraits at at

Would you like to be featured in Fill in the Blanks? Do you know someone who should? Send name and contact info to Julie, [email protected].