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Explore unique art exhibits in New West: From death to nostalgia

Experience Leslie Poole's Landscape Portraits and more exhibitions at New West galleries in November
Leslie Poole, left, with Julia Schoennagel in front of one of his paintings.

If the cooler weather makes you want to spend more time indoors, it’s a perfect time to check out some of the city’s local galleries. Here’s a look at some of the exhibitions worth checking out in New West this month.

Landscape Portraits by Leslie Poole           

Works by New Westminster-based artist Leslie Poole have been featured in exhibitions and collections internationally, including one-person shows in Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco – but this month some his pieces are on display right here in New West. Poole, who is considered one of Canada’s most extensively exhibited artists, is now bringing his solo exhibition, Landscape Portraits, to local art enthusiasts.

“For the past 40 years, I have turned again and again to the solace and the threat of land. Early paintings explored wilderness unmarked by even a telephone wire. Later I stopped looking from afar — moved closer to the landscape as though I lived within it — and painted it with its indicators of human, animal and architectural intrusion,” said Poole in an artist statement. “In Landscape Portraits, I present issues of nature vs. man in order to reconstruct their relationship. This is the role of painting: to present in a non-discursive way elements of our human concerns so that intuition has a role in connecting information which threatens to disastrously disconnect.”

  • When: Landscape Portraits by Leslie Poole is on until Thursday, Nov. 30
  • Where: Plaskett Gallery and North Wing Galleries in the Eighth & Eight Creative Spaces at Massey Theatre, 735 Eighth Ave.
  • Details: Free admission, Tuesday to Friday, 1 to 4 p.m.

A Visual Arts Dialogue on Death & Dying

Century House and New West Hospice have joined forces on an exhibit of visual arts pieces connected to the theme of death, dying, grief and loss – with the goal of fostering a dialogue about a topic that our culture tends to keep all too silent. It's part of the Dialogue on Death and Dying.

  • When: Until Monday, Nov. 20
  • Where: Century House art gallery, 620 Eighth St.

Changing the Conversation

Changing the Conversation (CTC) is a three-year project that examines how public spaces and public art can facilitate a healthier discourse about housing in the community. It features the work of CTC artists in residence Amal Ishaque and PJ Patten and community members in New Westminster with lived experiences of housing insecurity.

“This exhibit centres the intersectional, multi-faceted stories that exist on the frontlines of the housing crisis,” said a notice about the exhibition.

  • When: Until Wednesday, Nov. 22
  • Where: Community Art Gallery in Anvil Centre, 777 Columbia St.
  • Details: Free

Nostalgia by Frederick Popowich

Frederick Popowich, a New West-based photographer, is currently exhibiting works in Nostalgia, an ongoing project that explores historical artifacts in conflict with the present and questions the relationship of past to present.

Nostalgia attempts to address and acknowledge the sweeping changes we live in the midst of, materially, culturally, politically,” said an artist’s statement. “It is a project that exploits the photographic medium’s distinctive ability to record history, to provide material testimony to what once was and what remains, but here in a way that emphasizes the irretrievability of the past. These are subjects that have lost their original function and evolved into something else, into emblems of past experience, objects that have now become reservoirs of lost memories and sensations, and of a sense of nostalgia for something that no longer exists.”

  • When: Nov. 1 to 26
  • Where: Gallery at Queen’s Park, Centennial Lodge
  • Details: The gallery is open Wednesday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. On Sunday, Nov. 19, Popowich will be at the gallery from 1 to 3 p.m. for an artist talk and slide show exploring some of the formative influences and esthetic intentions behind the Nostalgia project.


MEASURE reflects on the interconnections of time, light, colour, season, the movement of celestial bodies, and how we perceive the measure of all these things. This exhibition features works by seven artists working at the intersection of science, art and technology.

  • When: Until Dec. 10
  • Where: New Media Gallery in Anvil Centre, 777 Columbia St.
  • Details: The New Media Gallery is open /Wednesday to Sunday (10 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and Thursday (10 a.m. to 8 p.m.), and is closed Monday and Tuesday.