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Comedy Makes Impact fundraiser comes to New West club

Rick Bronson's House of Comedy is hosting the special fundraiser by Laugh Wild Comedy, with proceeds to the global non-profit We Make Impact
Comedy Makes Impact
The lineup for Comedy Makes Impact includes (clockwise from top left) Sahib Singh Rana, Jay R, Jessica Pigeau, Simon King, Kwasi Thomas, Sean McDonnell, Melanie Rose and Yumi Nagashima.

Laugh Wild Comedy is inviting New West audiences to laugh it up for a good cause.

Comedy Makes Impact, a fundraiser for vulnerable world communities, is coming to Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy on Tuesday, Nov. 24.

The comedy club in downtown New West has strict COVID-19 protocols in place, so there are only 50 tickets available for the show. The lineup includes some of the best and brightest comics on the Vancouver comedy scene, including Jay R, Sahib Singh Rana, Simon King, Jessica Pigeau, Melanie Rose, Yumi Nagashima, Sean McDonnell and Kwasi Thomas as MC.

Their performances are raising money for We Make Impact, a global not-for-profit organization that helps provide safe drinking water for international communities

Collaborating with the group was something of a serendipitous happening for Laugh Wild Comedy, as a press release tells it.

As founder Nina Wilder noted: “We were at our Wednesday show, Comedy on Neptune, and Isaac and Jimi Cohen, who are part of We Make Impact, approached me and Sahib Singh Rana after the show to say their dream was to produce a comedy show, with the funniest comics, that would be seen by a global audience that raised funds for vulnerable communities, and would we help them produce it?”

Two weeks later, the We Make Impact team were back at their headquarters in Uganda – and Wilder and Rana were video messaging making plans for the show.

Both Laugh Wild Comedy and Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy plan to donate the funds raised from the evening (after expenses) to the non-profit.

“It feels even more meaningful right now to help We Make Impact with their efforts,” Wilder said in the release. “The comedy scene has taken such a hit – the opportunities for comedians to perform are few and far between, so it feels good to rally comics together. But more importantly, it feels good to do something for a world that has so much inequality, which has only increased since the pandemic. It’s tough times, but it’s even more reason to dream big, get creative and take action.”

Comedy Makes Impact is on Tuesday, Nov. 24 at 8 p.m. at Rick Bronson’s House of Comedy, 530 Columbia St.

Tickets are $25, available through