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aBIOTIC exhibition opens at New Westminster's New Media Gallery

International artists were on hand for the exhibition opening on Saturday. Check out some photo highlights.

Top international artists and Metro Vancouver art lovers converged on New Westminster over the weekend for the opening of the newest exhibition at the New Media Gallery.

The gallery's aBIOTIC exhibition launched on Saturday, Feb. 4 with an opening reception and a series of artist talks.

The exhibition takes viewers back to a time before biosphere, before life, when, as the gallery says "there were only the non-living, abiotic factors and a watery world." 

The exhibit includes Sky, a kinetic sculptural installation by Labofactory (the French collective of Jean Marc Chomaz, Laurent Karst, Filippo Fabbri and Greg Louis); The Long Now, a technology-based “still life” featuring a single perfect bubble, by German artist Verena Friedrich; and Infra/Supra, a water-based soundscape by Finnbogi Petursson of Iceland.

Photographer Jennifer Gauthier was on hand at the opening to check it all out. Here are some highlights of what she saw.

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