Letter: Trudeau buying off cash-rich seniors with unneeded benefits


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s (minority) government is just trying to buy votes with this financial extra to Canadian seniors. 

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The seniors I know and talk with have never had so much cash in their pockets, during this shutdown. 

They have not been able to have their haircut/styled/coloured, eat out at restaurants, gamble at their local casinos, travel by ship, plane, or train - in fact really not many places to drive to in one’s neighbourhood. Everything closed shop.

So I suggest, let us seniors put that $300 each, into long-term investments for the grandkids because on down the linethey will be paying heavily for this government's smoke and mirrors.

The real figure that should be told is just how much will the Liberal (minority) government add to their coffers by way of OAP payments, based on the numbers of seniors across Canada who are no longer with us, who have died, before their time, of COVID-19, because of the terrible conditions that have been existing, ongoing, in long-term/assisted living, care homes -absolutely shameful.

M. Sikorra


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