Letter: Take a deep breath of smoke-filled air. Is this what you want for your future?

The Editor,

Re. “Tri-Cities remains under air quality advisory due to wildfire smoke,” (Tri-City News, Sept. 9)  Here’s how to protect yourself from wildfire smoke,” (Tri-City News, Sept. 8)

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While I am not happy to be breathing in smoke-filled air from wildfires in the USA, I am at least hopeful the timing could make a difference. 

There has been talk of a potential for two elections this fall in British Columbia. One federal, and one provincial. We need all parties to come up with socially responsible and environmental focussed economic plans. 

Fossil fuel subsidies need to be routed into renewable energy and job training in that industry. Reforestation practices need to incorporate biodiversity that will protect us from massive fires. Pesticides and rodenticides need to be used only as a last resort. 

Politicians may be tempted to use COVID-19 as an excuse to stall these measures. As voters, we must hold them accountable if they do. 

Look around you. Take a deep breath. Is this what you want for your future?

Christina Gower, Port Coquitlam

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