Letter: Canada is being sacrificed to corporate greed - again


I feel that our beautiful country is being sacrificed to corporate greed once again. I've had this fear for years that Canada will, one day, (and it may be sooner than later) put itself into the position of a third world country because of all the political in-fighting and scandals that have rocked this country since its inception at the hands of speculators (example, expropriating First Nations lands for the Canadian Pacific Railway).

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So has anything really changed? We've had such a wonderful opportunity to make this land of ours a shining example of democracy and look at how we are and have been squandering it. Shame, shame, shame is all I can say. My heart is breaking. We are now looking like the world's laughing stock.
Please, Mr. Trudeau, I know you have a pot boiler of a job but you wanted it so isn't it time that you and the Liberal party stepped up to the plate with integrity and showed some muscle against the corporations who it seems are really running this country. And those in the Conservative Party need not crow because they are far from innocents themselves.
Heather Podrow, Burnaby

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