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This New West exercise clinic is changing the way local people think about the gym

It’s been open for less than a year, but a new exercise clinic in New Westminster is already changing the lives of local residents. This is no ordinary gym however.

It’s been open for less than a year, but a new exercise clinic in New Westminster is already changing the lives of local residents. This is no ordinary gym however. In fact, LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic New Westminster likes to describe itself as the “anti-gym,” a place where how you feel is more important than how you look and where people get a lot of support to achieve their goals.

LIVE WELL is a medical fitness clinic that’s built on the belief that exercise is medicine. Specializing in safe, supervised exercise and healthy-lifestyle coaching for people who have chronic health conditions or want to prevent them, it helps its members make sustainable changes to their lifestyle to live healthier and happier lives.

Members come to LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic for many different reasons, whether to lose weight, lower cholesterol, have more energy, combat stress or to continue playing tennis until  they’re 80 years old.

So how is it doing? We asked three local residents to tell us how LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic has changed their lives.

“I had previously tried gyms but always went alone and felt invisible and uncomfortable.”

“After a lifetime of being moderately active particularly in various forms of dance, I suffered three strokes in one week due to high blood pressure,” Doreen explains. “I was dancing Can Can, tap and Scottish Country prior to having the strokes, but my neurologist told me during one of my appointments that I should stop due to my health.”

Doreen wasn’t enthused by her previous experience with gyms and found doing yoga or pilates in her own home demotivating, then she discovered LIVE WELL.

One of the things that Doreen likes most about LIVE WELL is the expertise of its staff. Personalized expertise and support are key aspects of LIVE WELL. The New West location is staffed by clinical exercise physiologists. Experts in their field, the team create personalized plans specifically tailored to each member’s needs. They also monitor vitals during sessions and work closely with members’ doctors to create plans that are geared towards improving their health, something that is key for someone like Doreen.

The friendly and supportive nature at the gym is also important to Doreen. “I love the smallish groups and the support and love we are able to extend to each other. I look forward each day to greetings from some, hugs from others.”

“LIVE WELL staff create a supportive environment and we have lots of fun.”

Lynda had known for some time that she needed to take action to improve her health, however a knee replacement had made it hard for her to get going.

“I had gained quite a lot of weight from being so sedentary and I was at the highest weight I had ever been in my life,” she says. “My blood pressure was up, cholesterol was up and I was feeling very depressed.”

Lynda knew that a traditional gym setup was not the best fit for her, “they can be intimidating, the pressure to wear trendy clothes and to look fit,” but then she discovered LIVE WELL and became a founding member at the New West location.

“I was greeted by caring, welcoming staff, who made it a safe place to be totally honest about health issues and concerns. There was no judgement at all. LIVE WELL’s staff create a supportive environment and we have lots of fun. The members are like “Your Tribe” and we all support each other.”

Lynda immediately began to see benefits thanks to a personalized plan that was tailor made to specifically meet her needs and abilities.

“It has been almost six months and my blood pressure is down to normal levels, my blood tests revealed that my cholesterol is down and my family doctor could not be happier. I have lost on average two pounds per month, which is a bonus. My strength, flexibility and mobility improvement is amazing to me.”

“LIVE WELL fits perfectly into my busy lifestyle.”

“I heard all about LIVE WELL from my father who was a founding member of the Langley LIVE WELL Clinic,” Susan explains. "His enthusiasm for the program sparked an interest by my sister who in turn joined the Langley clinic. I was pleasantly surprised at the commitment that my family had made to LIVE WELL and I wanted get on board!”

When LIVE WELL opened their New West location Susan was one of the first members to sign up. And something she enjoys the most about her membership is the flexibility to fit her visits in around her busy schedule.

“I have committed to two sessions a week in ‘my’ time slot, but life doesn’t always run on a smooth calendar and with LIVE WELL I have the opportunity to move my session with as little as four-hour notice, so there is no use it or lose it.”

Susan has already started to see the benefits from her time at the clinic, she says: “I have seen a reduction in my blood pressure, greater cardio endurance, and a huge desire to return every time.”

One of the things that she attributes her success to is the setup, which prioritizes small classes and individual support that’s tailor-made to each member.

“I enjoy the fact that only a limited number of people are in each session,” she says. “That means that any help or guidance you need is easily available from the trained fitness professionals while we work on our own program which has been tailored to our own specific needs.”

If you are trying to lose weight, reduce your cholesterol, decrease your blood pressure, or just want to get healthier LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic can help. LIVE WELL specializes in supervised exercise and healthy lifestyle-coaching specifically tailored to each member’s unique needs with a focus on overall health and well-being.

With clinics throughout BC, including right here in New Westminster, LIVE WELL’s evidence-based programs are ideal for those with chronic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and obesity and for anyone who wants to improve their general wellness. To find out more about LIVE WELL Exercise Clinic and whether it could benefit you visit  to learn more about our powerful exercise and health-coaching programs or call 604.245.2120.