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New West residents invited to check out Nowruz display

Nowruz – the Persian new year – is on March 21
Roqiya Ahmadi, Mohammad Amin Ahmadi and their four children have created 100 goody bags for visitors to the New Westminster Museum to celebrate Nowruz.

A local couple has teamed up with the local museum to help community members celebrate Nowruz.

Visitors to the New Westminster Museum can view a Haft Seen Table that’s been put together in celebration of Nowruz.

“Nowruz means ‘new day.’ It has been celebrated by many Persian and Central Asian communities for over 3,000 years to mark the new year,” said a notice posted at the museum. “Nowruz falls on the vernal equinox (the first day of spring) when the hours of daylight and nighttime are almost equal. About 300 million people worldwide celebrate the Nowruz festival every year.”

A New West family worked with the museum to create a display for the occasion – and to make 100 goody bags for visitors to the museum.

“We make many goody bags on every celebration/holiday and birthdays, and pick people that we think would benefit from it the most. My kids always helps me to create these and get things done,” said Roqiya Ahmadi, a mom of four. “About Nowruz, we have partnered up with the New West Museum and have created a display table of Nowruz representations because this year we can't host a celebration outside due to COVID.”

Ahmadi and her husband Mohammad Amin Ahmadi are no strangers to spreading goodwill in the community, as they regularly provide food hampers to local families.

Located in Anvil Centre, the New Westminster Museum is open for visits by pre-registration.

The notice posted at the museum explains that a Haft Seen Table includes seven items starting with a letter of the Persian alphabet.

“Coloured eggs are an important part of this table as eggs represent the change from winter to spring,” said the notice. “The plain white original colour of the egg represents the cold, pale snow. The decoration of eggs with bright colours and patterns resembles how the seasons change. Eggs are also a symbol of hope, fertility and growth.”


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