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New West Hospice Society invites community members to attend a pathway of healing this weekend

Spotlight on: New West Hospice Society
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New West Hospice Society invites community members to attend this weekend's event at Anvil Centre.

What’s happening:

The New West Hospice Society is hosting an event to bring the community together (safely) in memory of people who have died and to thank those who have served. Grief & Gratitude – a pathway to healing is taking place on Saturday, Oct. 9 at Anvil Centre, 777 Columbia St.

Tell me more:

Grief & Gratitude aims to give citizens an opportunity to share their grief for all the pandemic losses experienced.

“From COVID, opioids, racism, violence, residential school tragedies, suicide, fires, heat waves and more. Something has happened to us. We need to acknowledge it and collectively heal together,” said a notice about the event. “We will create a memorial quilt to honour the losses and to remember that together, we can overcome. It will serve as a symbol of our grief and the power of community.”

Attendees can bring their own square or create one at the event.

Anything else?

The New West Hospice Society’s partners/sponsors will display resources to help educate and support healthy ways of coping. The event is also designed to be a time of sharing gratitude for people who those have supported citizens during the pandemic.

Details, please:

Grief& Gratitude is free, but tickets are required. In response to COVID-19 protocols, 50 tickets will be available for each of the 30-minute time slots offered during the day, beginning at 10 a.m. You can get them at (search for Grief & Gratitude event).

What is the New West Hospice Society?

Founded in 2016, the society’s vision is to build a community where death is no longer hidden or whispered about; where people know what to say and do to be supportive; where residents can die with dignity; and family and friends can grieve well.

“The overarching mission of the NWHS is to provide services and to facilitate processes for those in New Westminster experiencing end-of-life and bereavement,” said the society’s website. “We envision a city in which dying, death and bereavement are normalized and where community bonds enable each other to live to their fullest in their communities during illness and dying, and through bereavement.”

Stay tuned:

The society is working on plans to open a charity thrift shop in the coming months. In addition to donations, the shop will also be looking for volunteers to collect, sort, price, display and sell merchandise.

More info?

You can learn more about the New West Hospice Society and support the society at If you'd like to help or have any questions, email