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Iconic New West images featured in Cap’s Bicycles’ Christmas fundraiser

Whistler, Stanley Park, Vancouver and polar bear ornaments also for sale
Some familiar images from New Westminster are featured on a new ornament being sold at Cap's Bicycle Shops for charity. Five designs are available.

A Christmas ornament featuring some iconic New West images is one of the ways a local business is raising money for charity.

Cap’s Bicycle Shop is selling Christmas ornaments featuring five different designs to raise money for the CKNW Kids’ Fund.

“The special one that we did this year, I commissioned Hilary Morris to do a New Westminster design,” said Cap’s owner Gordon Hobbis. “It’s wonderful. I think it captures a lot of the things that people might like about New Westminster. If you are a tugboat person, it’s got tugboats on it. If you are a tin soldier person and like the waterfront, it’s got that. It’s got the heritage homes, it’s got the paddlewheeler. We took some artistic licence and put the W on it as well.”

Cap’s first teamed up with Morris, a Vancouver-based artist who has a gallery on Granville Island, for decorations last Christmas.  This year’s lineup features New Westminster, Whistler, Vancouver, Prospect Point/Stanley Park and polar bear designs.

“The three most popular we have carried over – the polar bear, the Whistler and the Vancouver are carried over from last year,” Hobbis said. “The two new ones are the Prospect Point and the New Westminster.”

The three-inch glass decorations are $14.99 each, with 100% of the proceeds being donated to the CKNW Kids Fund. It supports vulnerable kids in B.C. who have physical, mental and social challenges.

“Last year we sold 1,000 Christmas ornaments and we donated $10,000 to the Kids’ Fund,” Hobbis said.  “The price is up a little bit this year, but we would still like to do the same. Last year’s donation was $10,000 – we would like to meet or beat that this year. One hundred percent of that money, 100% of the $14.99, goes to the Kids Fund.”

Susan Cartwright Coates and her team at Cartwright Jewelers raised more than $170,000 for the CKNW Kids’ Fund (formerly the CKNW Orphans Fund) through the sales of ornaments and stuffed animals every holiday season, before the stored closed in 2020.

“We are keeping that tradition going in New Westminster,” Hobbis said. “Susan came on and showed me how she does it and passed the baton over. She was happy to see it carry on.”

The decorations are available at Cap’s Bicycle Shop at 434A East Columbia St. or online at Delivery and shipping are available.

“We have got a special on this year. The Christmas ornaments are $14.99 each, but if you buy four, you get one more. Your fifth ornament is free,” Hobbis said. “You can get five of the same, you can get any mix you want.”

Cap’s is also giving away a signed and framed print of this year’s special New Westminster design. No purchase is necessary to enter the draw, which can be done in the shop or online.

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