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'It was crazy': Chaotic crash captured on video during snowstorm

More than nine vehicles were involved in a crash on 160th Street in Surrey as roads became blanketed in snow.

As B.C. was battered by a snowstorm on Tuesday evening, roadways in Surrey became extremely slippery and resulted in a multi-vehicle crash involving a bus. 

Around 7:30 p.m., Erica Kreeft and her husband noticed the vehicle flashing lights from their South Surrey home and went to investigate what was happening on 160th Street.

“We saw like a lineup of cars outside, and we saw people losing control, sliding down the hill because it's a really steep hill,” she says. 

Rob Kraft decided to help people by directing them as they were sliding and spinning.

“It was pretty crazy,” she says. "We just saw them coming down, and they would all move to the right side and hit each other. It was pretty chaotic."

People were trying to brake when coming down the hill, but they would slide out of control, and conditions continued to worsen. 

“The roads were not salted or plowed at all at this point,” says Erica. 

One driver even claimed to have snow tires on but lost control. 

A TransLink bus can be seen ramming into a lineup of vehicles in the video. Erica says there were at least nine vehicles on the side of the road. 

"When the bus hit, luckily, everyone was out of their vehicles already. That’s when the cars got scrunched up ... that one car was really damaged,” says Erica. 

Chelsea Boyarski and her two young daughters were on the TransLink bus when the crash happened. 

“We were on the bus, and the back of the bus was kind of sliding out,” she says. 

Her one daughter hit her mouth, her other daughter hit her cheek and Boyarski’s body hurts from the impact of the crash.

“Without any warning, we hit the car. It was scary,” she says. “It was an impact, and if you’re not expecting it… it kind of shocks you."

Boyarski plans on taking her daughters, aged three and four, to a doctor and dentist on Wednesday.

In a response to Glacier Media, TransLink says it's aware of the collision on 160th Street.

"There were no reported injuries," the spokesperson said.