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For $1.1 million you can live in an old Vancouver cathedral with a bedroom in a turret (PHOTOS)

It's even round!

Wanna say your bedroom is in a turret?

An old cathedral that was renovated into condominiums has a unit for sale right now, and it's one of the ones with turret space.

Honestly, we're going to take this opportunity to write turret as much as possible.

The cathedral was built in 1909 and still stands - more than 100 years later-  at 2525 Quebec Street. It actually has two turrets: one square turret and one round turret.

To be fair, the home is more than turret space. There's also a large bedroom, a couple of bathrooms and the usual stuff (kitchen, living area). In fact, the turret space isn't the main bedroom, though how could you resist?

Along with the turret, there's also exposed brick, heated floors and a gas fireplace, if you care about that stuff.

Arguably more impressive there's also a parking space and bike storage, but it is $1.1 million, so perhaps that balances out. There are also views from next to the turret of the surrounding area, stretching as far as the North Shore Mountains and downtown.

Also, there's a dang turret.

Uh oh, maybe we've used that word too much and it's losing meaning.