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Canada's favourite pizza toppings: Pepperoni steals the show and pickles claim the wild card

Home to the Hawaiian pizza, Canada's favourite pizza toppings include pineapple, pepperoni, anchovy and... pickles?
Pickles rank ninth in Canadians' top 10 favourite pizza toppings.

Salty pepperoni, hairy anchovies and juicy pineapple are ready for their close-up with the pizza paparazzi.

These three ingredients are the three most popular pizza toppings in Canada, according to data from Chefs Plate that analyzed searches by Canadians over the last year.

Pepperoni reigns queen with a total of 3,600 searches and its salty cousin the anchovy comes in second place, with a total of 2,900 searches.

With pineapple toting the bronze medal, this data proves that Hawaiian pizza is officially well-loved in Canada. In fact, the first Hawaiian pizza ever was created by Grecian Sam Panopoulos in Ontario in 1962. 

In a tangy twist, the data also reveals that pickles are rising in popularity. According to Chefs Plate, last November “pickle pizza” garnered more searches than “Hawaiian pizza.” Pickles are currently ranked ninth on the list of Canadians Top 10 Pizza Toppings.

Other favourites on the list include prosciutto, pesto, chicken, spinach, mushroom and buffalo chicken.