NDP takes early lead in New Westminster burger poll

The NDP is racing out to a lead in the (b)unofficial burger poll now underway at Burger Heaven.

The local eatery’s election poll, running until Oct. 20, gives diners a chance to dine on a burger and vote for the federal parties.

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Week 1 results show the Singh (NDP) Burger is in the lead with 33 per cent, followed by: the Trudeau (Liberal) burger – 22 per cent; the May (Green) burger – 21.5 per cent; the Scheer (Conservative) burger – 12 per cent; and the Blanchet (Bloc Quebecois) and Bernier (People’s Party of Canada) burgers – each at two per cent. During the first week of the poll, 7.5 per cent of voters are still (b)undecided.

“The only message I want to get out there is get out and vote,” Burger Heaven manager Chris Geib told the Record. “Make sure you actually do vote and not just come here and do our (b)unofficial poll.”

For each federal, provincial and municipal election, Burger Heaven hosts a burger poll and puts out a description of each party’s burger.  Diners can order any burger on the menu to vote.

“It’s more of a tongue-in-cheek thing. lf people really do want the burger, we can make the burgers for them. We have the majority of the ingredients to make most of the burgers,” Geib said. “The only one would be the PPC – only because that one requires a Bearnaise sauce, which I am not willing to bring in for the probably five burgers I will sell.”

Here’s Burger Heaven’s descriptions of what’s on the menu:

The Justin Trudeau (Liberal) Burger: Heard through the ‘pipeline’, this ‘seasoned’ lean-to-the-middle prime Grade A juicy burger, was Just-In our previous burger poll menu and now savours the chance to stay on top of the burger board as things heat up in the proverbial political frying pan. Cooked on the front middle burner, it includes medium-aged cheddar, lots of sauce, crisp lettuce, a liberal slab of bacon and a slice of B.C. red tomato. It’s striving to create some heat in the political kitchen.

The Andrew Scheer (Conservative) Burger: New on the menu, this tasty “lean to the right” prime Grade A beef burger Sheer (sure) hopes to “cut the mustard” and be on top of the burger poll by saying “lettuce” lead so you’ll get ahead. This culinary choice is cooked with relish on the front right burner and includes a conservative slice of tangy Regina blue cheese, aromatic onion and special sauce. This “platter-form” can be served with mushrooms (not mushrooming expenses.) Full of flavour, it can also include pickled (we want to) “beet” the current ruling party.

The Jagmeet Singh (NDP) Burger: To spice things up, this burger is Singh’ing the praises of this Nicely Done Patty of “lean to the left” prime Grade A beef that is trying to gain “ground” on the front left burner as it stirs the pot with promises of higher taxes for the rich, which could help voters/eaters with their burger bills. It includes strong o(u)nions, juicy tomato, Scarborough orange cheddar and is served on a multigrain bun. This burger relishes the opportunity to drain some fat out of the Liberals’ slice of bacon, but has a way to go to “ketchup” with the other parties in the political kitchen.

The Elizabeth May (Green) Burger: Grilled on the back burner using clean fuels, this prime Grade A patty of beef can be served in a fresh green lettuce wrap with dollops of green relish, May-o, a slice of organic tomato and home-grown Saanich feta/goat cheese. It’s cooked in a controlled carbon-free area on a back burner and is popular with the environmentally conscious customer who is concerned about ecological issues. Freshly seasoned, this burger is beginning to attract more voters/eaters who “may” want to select this one.

The Yves-Francois Blanchet (Bloc Quebecois) Burger: This choix de prime Grade A patty du boeuf is B(BQ)’d on the back centre-left burner and comes with French dressing, Dijon mustard et le fromage bleu avec frites. Chip off the old “block”, this burger justeux is “separated” from the rest of the proverbial political frying pan, especially in the west.

The Maxime Bernier (People’s Party of Canada) Burger: To spice things up and “Max”imize flavour, the Piquant Prepared Choice (PPC) of lean-to-the-far-right Grade A burger is brand new on the political scene and cooked on the centre-right burner. It comes with a conservative dollop of Bernier (Bearnaise) sauce, sharp fromage, a slice of fresh tomato and purple cabbage slaw.

The (B)undecided/Other Burger: This one’s for anyone who isn’t sure just yet which burger candidate they want to select.

Stay tuned for updates on who’s in the lead in New West. Burger Heaven is at 77 10th St.


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