Singin' in the Rain dances its way into New West hearts

Royal City Musical Theatre's 30th anniversary production is onstage at the Massey Theatre until April 20

Almost everyone who went to the opening night of Royal City Musical Theatre’s Singin’ in the Rain this past weekend left the Massey Theatre singing and dancing.

Seriously. There were people channelling their inner Don Lockwood as they sang and tapped their way to their cars.

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The company – celebrating its 30th anniversary this year - has done it again with its stage rendition of one of the most beloved movie musicals of all time, running until April 20.

The show is filled to the brim with extravagant sets, costumes and dance numbers - something always to be expected from Royal City Musical Theatre.

And, just like the classic film, the show provides audiences with comedy, romance, great music and dancing.

You couldn’t help but smile and chuckle every time Blake Sartin (who plays Cosmo Brown) came on the scene. Bringing exuberance and charm to the stage, Sartin truly lived up to his character and made ’em laugh.

He wasn’t alone. Notable performers include Andrew Cohen, who captivatingly played Don Lockwood. Performing for the first time with the company, Cohen had the voice and talent to carry the role.

Tessa Trach also did a marvellous job at playing Kathy Selden, a powerful and sassy yet graceful woman with a set of pipes to match.

Another first-timer with Royal City, Robyn Wallis delighted the audience with her spot-on portrayal of Lina Lamont and left them all in laughing tears.

Valerie Easton, director and choreographer of the show, seems to have gotten every remaining tap dancer in the Lower Mainland involved in the 25-member ensemble of singers and dancers, and they were all phenomenal at a type of dance rarely seen these days.

The show is also backed by an amazing 20-piece orchestra, under the direction of James Bryson, which brings beloved tunes like Good Mornin’, Make ’em Laugh and Singin’ in the Rain to life.

Set design is by Brian Ball and costumes by Christopher David Gauthier, with lighting by Gerald King.

Even if you’ve already seen the film, RCMT’s latest outing is truly a don’t-miss show that will have you leaving the theatre with a skip in your step and a smile on your face.

See for information. Tickets are available through or 604-521-5050.




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