Cooking Chinese New Year crispy shell prawns with Colin Foo

Foo says they’re an excellent dish for entertaining

Accomplished actor, painter and cook Colin Foo invited the Richmond News to try his crispy shell prawns before Chinese New Year, which he says are an excellent dish for entertaining.

“It's a very easy dish to do, and very appealing to young and old,” he said.

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He double-fried the critters, shell and all, to create a subtly spicy dish with a satisfying crunch.

It’s a item dish to serve for the Lunar New Year, Foo said, because the bright orange-red hue of the cooked shrimp is a good luck colour. It’s also very quick to make, so you can get back to enjoying time with family.


One pound of raw prawns or large shrimps

One tbsp. garlic powder

One tbsp. ginger powder

One tsp. red chilli powder

One tsp. white pepper powder

One tsp. sea salt

Three tbsp. tapioca flour

Three tbsp. coconut cream powder

Colin Foo
Colin Foo is a man of many talents, and has had a successful career in real estate before transitioning to acting. He's also an accomplished painter and chef. Photo: Richmond News/Megan Devlin


Mix all the dry ingredients in a medium-sized bowl and set aside.

Wash and clean the prawns, and cut off the sharp points on the head and tail. They should also be de-veined. Dry them using a kitchen towel.

Heat about two cups of cooking oil until hot. The oil is ready when the tip of a chopstick bubbles when dipped in.

Press both sides of each prawn into the dry ingredient mixture to coat them.

Fry the prawns in the oil until light pink and about 80 per cent cooked.

Remove the prawns and place them on a paper towel to remove excess oil and moisture. Let cool for three to five minutes.

Finally, fry the prawns again on medium heat until golden-red with a hint of brown and eat hot.




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