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Kids' COVID-19 vaccination rates creeping up in New Westminster

New Westminster continues to lead the way in Fraser Health.
Child receiving COVID vaccine
Pediatric COVID vaccination rates in New Westminster have crept up over the past month, according to the latest BCCDC data.

COVID-19 vaccination rates in New Westminster haven't changed much in the past month — but pediatric vaccination is still creeping up slowly.

There have been relatively few changes in vaccination rates over the past month, according to the latest B.C. Centre for Disease Control data. But the rate of second-dose vaccination for five-to-11-year-olds is one area that's still climbing: from 56% as of May 23, to 58% as of June 19. That's the highest pediatric vaccination rate in Fraser Health (the region that stretches from Burnaby to Hope and surrounding area).

Overall rates for booster shots, or third doses, have also shown small increases over the past month. The third-dose rate for youth (aged 12 to 17) nudged up to 50% from 49%, and the overall third-dose rate for adults (aged 18 and up) went from 65% to 67%.

Otherwise, most rates have remained stable. First- and second-dose vaccination rates have long been at high levels across the board. Among adults, first-dose rate ranging from 94% for the 70+ crowd to 99% for the 18-to-49-year-olds. Second-dose rates, meanwhile, range from 92% for the 70+ group to 97% for the younger adults (18 to 49).

How to get a COVID booster dose in B.C.

Everyone 12 and over who has received their first two doses of vaccine is eligible for a third dose six months after their second. (That interval is reduced to eight weeks for anyone who is pregnant.)

Fourth doses are also available for a small group of high-risk individuals: residents of long-term care, Indigenous people aged 55+, and all adults 70+. Those who are eligible for the fourth dose (second booster) can get it six months after their third dose (first booster).

You can find all the details, ensure you're registered and book appointments through the B.C. Get Vaccinated website.

What are vaccination rates like in New Westminster?

Here's how vaccination rates look across the board as of June 19 (numbers as of May 23 in brackets):

First dose:

5-11: 69% (69%) 

5+: 95% (95%) 

12-17:  96% (96%)

18+:  97% (96%)

18-49:  99% (99%)

50+:  93% (93%)

70+:  94% (94%)


Second dose:

5-11: 58% (56%)

5+:  93% (92%)

12-17:  93% (93%)

18+:   95% (95%)

18-49:  97% (97%)

50+:  92% (92%)

70+:  92% (92%)


Third dose:

12-17: 50% (49%) 

5+: 62% (61%) 

18+: 67% (65%)

18-49: 59% (59%) 

50+: 76% (76%) 

70+: 83% (83%) 

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