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COVID vaccination rates stall in New Westminster

New West remains among B.C.'s leaders, with 86% of the eligible population fully vaccinated. But that number isn't climbing.
So far, 86% of New Westminster's population has received two doses of COVID-19 vaccine – the same as last week.

It's just 14% away from perfection – but the gap is proving hard to close.

New Westminster's population is 86% fully vaccinated as of Oct. 12, according to the latest B.C. Centre for Disease Control COVID-19 data. That number keeps New West amongst British Columbia's leaders, with just 11 of the province's 87 local health areas having higher rates. On the flip side, however, the local number hasn't budged since last week, and it's just one percentage point up from two weeks ago.

There's been a little movement on the vaccination front locally, but, as is typically the case in highly vaccinated areas, increases are now coming at a slow pace.

First-dose vaccination rates have gone up one percentage point for all age groups in New West over the past week: from 88% to 89% for the 12-to-17 group; from 92% to 93% for the 18-to-49 age group; and from 90% to 91% for the 50+ group.

Second-dose vaccination rates have also made small improvements: from 80% to 81% for the 12-to-17 group; from 85% to 86% for the 18-to-49 group; and from 87% to 88% for the 50+ age group.

Children under 12 remain ineligible for vaccine so far, but parents are now able to register their child for a future shot in anticipation of Pfizer receiving approval from Health Canada this fall.

B.C. LEADERBOARD: Here's who has the highest percentage of fully vaccinated residents

  • Central Coast: 93%
  • Vancouver Northeast: 91%
  • Vancouver Midtown: 91%
  • Saanich Peninsula: 90%
  • Vancouver Westside: 89%
  • Vancouver South: 89%
  • Vancouver City Centre: 89%
  • North Vancouver: 89%
  • Greater Victoria: 89%
  • Delta: 88%
  • Burnaby: 87%
  • New Westminster: 86%
  • Richmond: 86%
  • Howe Sound: 86%

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