Wrestlers meet their match at New West restaurant

The Volcano and Big Daddy Buck Lighting have made their mark in the wrestling ring, but they were no match for the Rumble burger.

The two wrestlers, who are among the wrestlers competing in the 20-person Royal City Rumble on March 30 in New Westminster, dropped by Burger Heaven on Saturday as part of a challenge to see who could eat a rumble version (10 patties) of Burger Heaven’s Ernie’s Mile High, eight-patty burger. Both wrestlers started out strong, but ultimately tapped out.

“It was a valiant effort by the Royal City wrestlers, but unfortunately, this year the burger won,” says Rish Koya, founder of Royal City Wrestling. “You know, if it was the normal Ernie’s Mile High, they would have done it. It was the last two patties that made the difference. Ten patties was just too much.”

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Partway through the burger, Big Daddy Puck loosened his buckle and dropped his pants in an effort to make a bit more space in his belly for the burger – to no avail.

“Not good,” Koya says, when asked how the wrestlers felt after the competition. “Their eyes were kind of glassy. They looked greener than my paint.”

The burger-eating challenge took place following Saturday’s Rumble variety show at Royal City Centre, which featured performances and/or short interviews with local musicians, politicians, athletes and business owners.

“The place was packed,” Koya says. “It was amazing. I couldn’t be happier.”

The variety shows, which are taking place in the ring in Royal City Centre every Saturday in March from 1 to 2 p.m., include segments showcasing the talents of local residents, highlighting local businesses and raising awareness about various events happening in New Westminster. The March 16 lineup includes a “comic standoff” between four comics from Laughter Zone 101 and segments with Nick Duran from Royal City Health and Manual Therapy and Aman Grewal from Polo Health and Longevity Centre.

“Come out,” Koya urges residents. “If you think last week was good, this week is going to be even more exciting. There’s lots more surprises this week.”

The variety shows are leading up to the big event on March 30, which includes a 20-person Royal City Rumble. It also features a match between the Royal City Defenders – Johnny X (aka Mayor Jonathan Cote) and Mr. India (Koya) against Team USA – Azeem the Dream (Azeem Mohammed) and the Ideal Reflection (current All Star Wrestling champion Christopher Ryseck).



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