New West teens aims to help kids with cancer

A presentation at school inspired a local teenager to help kids who are battling cancer.

After growing his hair for nearly two years, New West teen Miller Linke recently had his locks lopped off. He hopes his hair will be used to make a wig for someone with cancer.

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“We had a speaker at our school. She was talking about her experience going through chemotherapy and cancer treatment. At the end of it, she talked about what you can do and mentioned you can grow out your hair and donate it,” said Linke, a Grade 10 student at John Knox Christian High School. “I looked more into that – I was already growing my hair out at that time – and I decided I should donate it when it was long enough. I would like to make someone going through a tough situation feel good.”

Along with donating his hair, Linke has also been collecting donations for BC Children’s Hospital and BC Cancer. He appreciates all the support he’s received for his fundraising campaign.

“I just went up to talk to people,” he said about his fundraising efforts. “I think I am at just over $500.”

While Linke is enjoying his new look, he said it’s likely he’ll let it grow out again in the future for another fundraiser.

“It gets in the way a lot. It was very cool having it, but it’s kind of inconvenient,” he said. “But I will probably do it again. I will grow my hair out and do the same thing.”


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