Jane's walk could be off and running

Mary Wilson believes the Jane's Walks event has "got legs" and could evolve into something much bigger.

Wilson has initiated a Jane's Walks event in New Westminster this year, which will see a resident lead fellow citizens on a walk through a neighbourhood. Queensborough, Westminster Pier Park, Queen's Park, Glenbrook ravine and the West End are among the neighbourhoods that residents will be exploring in May.

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Wilson, a West End resident, updated city council about the recent initiative.

Wilson believes the event has the potential to be expanded into an entire weekend of walks that incorporate issues of health and fitness, environment, sustainability and tourism - all focused on walking. She believes the "weekend to walk" idea could be a hit, especially if the city's heritage and arts sectors are involved.

"This could be big," she told council.

Wilson welcomes support from other groups and individuals to develop the Jane's Walk into something bigger next year.

"This has no budget. This has absolutely no budget," she said of this year's events. "There has been no money spent. People do not pay for this."

Coun. Jonathan Cote, chair of the city's advisory committee for transit, bicycles and pedestrians, applauded Wilson's efforts and noted she's one of the stronger pedestrian activists in the community.

"You can actually get out and see your community at something that is no cost," he said about walking.

For more information about the seven (and counting) Jane's Walks in New Westminster, www.janeswalk.net (and click on New Westminster).


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