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Comic and storyteller Janice Bannister is putting her talents to work in New West.

Bannister is facilitating the new Storytelling workshops that are taking place at Century House on Wednesdays from Oct. 28 to Nov. 11 (no class on Nov. 11) from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. Participants will learn how to add some "funny" to any story.

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“Storytelling shows are becoming one of the entertainment forms that is growing,” said a notice about the workshop. “With successes like the Moth, Story Slams, and Mortified, personal storytelling and sharing are exciting.”

During this series, part of the Octopus program at Century Hosue, participants will learn how to craft a fascinating story as a first-person story teller and how to prepare their story for the stage – whether that’s online or live. They’ll also learn the steps of the story structure (including the outline premise, characters, settings and action), the importance of editing your long stories and about the storytelling format that works best for the teller and the audience.

Bannister is the owner of Laughter Zone 101, a comedy school that offers stand-up comedy and storytelling classes to all ages. She is a local New West producer of comedy shows such as the F is for Funny Series, Out of the Box, Laughs from the Past and Aunt Biddy's Wake.

“This group is collaborative and is under the guidance of a professional storyteller, who performs regularly at shows and festivals,” said the notice. “The classes include a showcase night to be scheduled at a later date. This program runs for five weeks, and participants are asked to participate all five sessions.”

For details about the Storytelling workshops and all the programs being offered through Century House, check out the October issue of the Clarion at

Octopus expands

Century House is looking for seniors who want to be part of Octopus – Reaching Seniors in the Community.

This fall and winter, Century House is inviting local residents to take part in Octopus, which is an outreach to seniors in the community that focuses on technology and information.

“We have some exciting programs running and are ready to do a second call out for proposals,” said a notice from Century House. “There are some opportunities to develop and lead programs for seniors in the community. Honorariums will be available. All programs will be on Zoom, and technical support will be provided by Century House.”

Residents are invited to submit a proposal if they’re interested in developing and delivering a virtual program that’s technology based, or is related to art, music, anything creative or education.

Anyone interested in any of these opportunities can email a one-page proposal that outlines your skills in the area suggested, your contact information and your availability to Shelly Schnee at . The deadline for proposals is Friday Oct. 23 at 4 p.m.

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