Feeling hot hot hot? 5 ways to beat the heat in New West right now

We can’t be the only ones desperately seeking cool air these days.

For those of us who aren’t part lizard, the heat may be getting to be a little much.

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In which case, we have rounded up these five ideas of things to do to beat the heat in New Westminster.


Moody Park Pool
Take the plunge at Moody Park Pool. - Record files


Like, now. Well, you’ll have to wait till afternoon, because that’s when the city’s marvellous outdoor pools open, but get yourself to Hume Park or Moody Park for some cool-down splashing fun. There’s also a wading pool at Grimston Park for the small set (or anyone just wanting to cool down their feet).

Get all the schedule and ticket info here.



Hume Park, spray park
Yes, the Hume Park splash park is also for grown-ups. - Record files


Not in the mood for a swim? There’s always a splash park. Spray parks are on every day at Hume Park, Queen’s Park, Moody Park, Sapperton Park and Ryall Park, so no matter where you live, there’s one not too far from you. Or you can enjoy the misters down at Westminster Pier Park. Wondering where any of the parks are? Check out more here.


Tre Galli
Tre Galli Gelato is full of tempting flavours - Record files


There are all sorts of spots to get a cool-down treat. Try a maple twist at Anny’s Dairy Bar (722 Sixth St.), a gelato at Tre Galli (River Market, 810 Quayside Dr.), a frozen yogurt with tons of toppings at Menchie’s (in Columbia Square, at 1015 Columbia St.), a sundae at DQ (708 Sixth Ave.), a cone at Eats at the Pier concession (Pier Park) or an ice cream bar at Purdy’s (in Royal City Centre), to get you started.


Read Under a Tree, stock photo
Yep. This. Just do it. - Pexels


Go looking for shade. And when you find it, do one of two things: 1) go for a long, slow ramble (emphasis on the “slow”) or 2) just park it and read a book. We recommend bringing along a tall bottle of water or ice tea for the occasion. Some of our favourite shady spots in town? Queen’s Park, Sapperton Landing, Sapperton Park (under the big trees) and, of course, the best and shadiest of them all: Glenbrook Ravine.


River Market
River Market is a popular spot for patio seating. - Record files


Or, perhaps, something a little stronger, preferably on your favourite patio of choice. There are plenty of great patios in the city – the Paddlewheeler Pub, Brown’s Social House, the Castle, the Boathouse, River Market … or your own backyard or balcony. Take your pick. And stay there awhile. And have a soda for us while you’re at it.






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