Cartwright Jewelers celebrates a milestone in New West

Customer service may be what keeps customers coming back to Cartwright Jewelers year after year, but a gem of a sale is what will get them lining up down the street this week.

Cartwright Jewelers is celebrating its 85th anniversary by holding a half-price sale from Oct. 11 to 13.

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“It’s just kind of a thank-you to our customers,” said owner Susan Cartwright-Coates. “It is a genuine sale. If you were in the store two months ago and saw this item and it was $1,000, it will be half price at $500 when you come in for the sale.”

The annual anniversary sale attracts big crowds, with folks lining up along Sixth Street to get inside and check out the deals.

“It’s everything you see in every showcase. It’s a genuine sale,” said Cartwright-Coates. “As well, we have what are called door crasher specials. There’s a different one every day for the three days.”

James Daniel Cartwright founded Cartwright Jewelers in 1933, after apprenticing as a watchmaker. Son Don eventually took over, and Don’s daughter Susan later took the helm of the family business.

Cartwright Jewelers was originally located on Columbia Street, but moved uptown in 1965. The store has always specialized in fine jewelry, but other items – including watches, china and other giftware items – have been sold through the years.

“You have to stay relevant,” Cartwright-Coates said. “Fine-quality jewelry stays relevant, so there’s many designs that have stood the test of time and still continue to be available, but, on the other hand, you need to always be sure you have a fashion-forward foot, so that you can capture all generations of jewelry needs. We do stay current by going to various jewelry shows and exhibits through all over North America.”

Treating customers like family is the key to Cartwright Jewelers’ success, said Cartwright-Coates.

“Most of our new business today actually comes from our online reviews. I never really paid much attention myself until I started realizing how horrific reviews can be. Ours are really great,” she said. “Customer service – it’s about treating the people who come through the front door like you’d want to be treated, and make sure they have full knowledge of what is happening. No surprises – we are big on no surprises. It’s just making sure they are included in every decision about their jewelry or their purchase.”

Once the sale wraps up, Cartwright Jewelers will be doing some renovations to the 2,000-square-foot space at 639 Sixth St. and introducing some new lines – just in time for Christmas.

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