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'I’m scared of this AI robot': Vancouverites share mixed reactions to new Snapchat chatbot

Here's how you can try it...or remove it.
Vancouver locals react to the new Snapchat "My AI" chatbot feature powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT.

While Snapchat barely made up one per cent of Vancouverites' most-enjoyed social media platforms, the app is getting more local attention for its latest feature. 

Snap, the company behind Snapchat, first released its customizable "My AI" chatbot to Snapchat Plus users in February this year, which cost a monthly $3.99 subscription to access.

The custom AI chatbot is powered by the latest version of OpenAI's ChatGPT and can be accessed via Snapchat's Chat screen. The chatbot can also be personalized to change its name and look with a custom Bitmoji avatar, and can added to group chats by mentioning it with an "@" symbol. 

In a conversation, the chatbot can "answer a burning trivia question, offer advice on the perfect gift for your BFF’s birthday, help plan a hiking trip for a long weekend, or suggest what to make for dinner," explains a Snapchat Support article.

The chatbot will give more relevant responses as it gets to know the user.

On April 19, Snap released My AI to all Snapchat users for free. 

While the new feature is still rolling out and may not be available to all users just yet, some Vancouverites have already started experimenting with the new chatbot. 

Some engaged in lighthearted banter.

Someone decided to quiz it on the Vancouver Canucks.

Another hockey enthusiast also challenged the chatbot's hockey knowledge.

While most Vancouverites had invigorating conversations, others weren't as impressed. 

One Vancouver local is rather wary of the new AI feature. 

How to access, remove, or unpin the Snapchat "My AI" chatbot?

To access My AI, swipe right from the camera screen to open the chat screen. Note that the feature may not be available for some users yet as it is still rolling out. 

To unpin or remove My AI from the chat screen, Snapchat Plus subscribers can: 

a) Press and hold on My AI, tap "Chat Settings" then tap "Clear from Chat Feed"

b) Tap the Settings icon in the Profile screen, scroll down to "Privacy Controls" and tap "Clear Data," then tap "Clear Conversations" then tap the "X" icon next to My AI to remove the conversation from the Chat Feed

All conversations with My AI are stored until they are deleted.