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Sidney issues warning about aggressive owl in park

The town’s advice: “Wear a hat and keep small dogs on leash close by.”
An owl spotted at Reay Creek Park. TOWN OF SIDNEY VIA FACEBOOK

The Town of Sidney has issued a warning about an aggressive owl in one of its parks.

There have been multiple reports regarding aggressive owl behaviour toward people and pets in Reay Creek Park, the municipality said in a notice posted on social media.

“Please use caution when walking the trails, especially in the early morning and at dusk,” the notice reads. “Wear a hat and keep small dogs on leash close by.”

Owls can be territorial and swoop at people and pets when threatened.

It’s not the only human-owl conflict that has recently taken place in the capital region.

Last month, a University of Victoria employee was repeatedly attacked by an owl while training for a half-marathon on campus trails, according to the Martlet, the university’s student newspaper.

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