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Police probe bullet-riddled vehicle seized in car check

Vehicle contained drugs, cash, other items involved in drug trafficking.
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The mystery of how a vehicle came to be riddled with bullets is occupying the minds of B.C. police gang enforcement officers after a Surrey car stop Feb. 22.

Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit – British Columbia Sgt. Brenda Winpenny said the vehicle also containing drugs, cash and other items believed to be associated with trafficking drugs, was seized.

Officers stopped the vehicle near 104 Avenue and Whalley Boulevard. after seeing what looked like bullet holes in the driver’s side.

Winpenny said officers saw open alcohol containers and marijuana paraphernalia.

She said the three male occupants, aged 20 to 37, were arrested for drug-related offences.

A search of the vehicle located over $25,000 in Canadian, about two pounds of what is believed to be marihuana, knives, and bear spray. The items were also seized.

Winpenny said the men are believed to be involved in the local drug trade, and were released pending the on-going investigation and criminal charges.

The circumstances around the vehicle and how it became riddled with bullets is also under investigation.