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Photos: Hong Kong police violence re-enacted in demonstration at Vancouver Art Gallery

Vancouver Activists of Hong Kong hosted a day of demonstrations at the Vancouver Art Gallery on Sunday.

Members of the Vancouver Activists of Hong Kong (VAHK) held a live mock demonstration of the Hong Kong Protests of 2019 and 2020 at the Vancouver Art Gallery on Sunday, to mark the three-year anniversary of China's crackdown on liberal and democratic values in Hong Kong.

June 12 is considered the day a "full-blown revolution" began, as China imposed its anti-extradition law on the city, said the group.

The law "seemed to be the first evident manifestation of obsolescence of the 'one country, two systems' policy for Hong Kong," stated the group of demonstrators.

China's crackdown has led to an exodus of Hong Kong citizens to Western jurisdictions, including Canada.

VAHK estimated 3,000 people passed through the protest at the gallery Sunday, where information boards were available for people wanting to learn more about the overthrow of the Hong Kong's democratic institutions. Similar demonstrations occurred in 45 other cities, said the group.

VAHK says it is now asking Canadian cities to cease all sister-city relationships with Chinese counterparts.