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Peacock takes unexpected ride-along with logging truck drivers

The bird repeatedly got on one truck, rode down, got off and walked back up the hill.

A Vernon truck driver had an unusual guest this week.

Kevin MacGillivray was working near Knouff Lake, north of Kamloops, on Tuesday when a male peacock took a liking to his and other logging trucks on the site.

MacGillivray posted photos of the hitchhiker after it landed on one of the trucks and took an unexpected ride-along.

The peacock "rode nearly 10 kilometres down the hill on top of a loaded truck," he wrote, and was last seen near the Heffley Creek store. "Hope it makes it home OK."

MacGillivray says the big bird seemed to like the trucks and was climbing on top of a number of them.

"It would ride down the hill on top of the loaded trucks and walk back up."

He says he sees lots of critters during his work in the bush, "but that was the first one that wanted to join the crew."

Peafowl are relatively common in B.C. but are not often seen in the backcountry.

They are part of the pheasant family.

Male peafowl are referred to as peacocks, and female peafowl are referred to as peahens.

Male peafowl are known for their piercing calls and their extravagant plumage.

The visitor didn't put on a plumage show for the truckers, but MacGillivray says it added some fun to the day.