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Emaciated dog and five puppies found abandoned in Nanaimo

An emaciated two-year-old dog and her five puppies found abandoned in Nanaimo are being cared for in a foster home.

The mother dog, named Celeste, is on a strict “refeeding” program to reintroduce nutrients to her system and avoid risks associated with overfeeding emaciated animals, the B.C. SPCA said in a news release. The dogs were brought to the SPCA after being abandoned.

“She was living outdoors and starving, but she was obviously doing everything she could to try to feed her puppies and keep them safe,” said Bonnie Pequin of the B.C. SPCA in Nanaimo. “She is such a sweet, loving dog and a very good mother.”

The woman taking care of Celeste and her puppies says Celeste is a gentle dog with “the most loving and kind eyes,” who waits patiently for her meals despite having been starved.

The dogs will be in SPCA care for at least another month until Celeste reaches a normal body weight, when she can be spayed and put up for adoption. The puppies will also be ready for adoption in the new year.

The SPCA is seeking donations to support the care of Celeste and the nearly 100,000 animals it provides services for each year. Visit for more information.

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