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DC powerlifter Baldassarre picks up first place at Northern Classic in PG

Returning from competition.
Medals for mettle. No meddling about here.

Dawson Creek powerlifter April Baldassarre is returning from competition with more iron around her neck.

Baldassarre picked up a first place division win at the Northern Classic in Prince George, held Nov. 21 pulling numbers of 181 lbs in bench press, a squat of 336lbs and deadlift 363lbs, for an overall total of 880lbs. 


Q: How was the training for this competition?

April - After coming back from Manchester, my coach Chris and I got to work building up strength in my back and legs. My nutrionist Amanda and I started working towards cutting weight for the Northern Classic in hopes of making a lower weight category. 


Q - Is it a case of peaking at the right time, or more consistent training and then pulling numbers you are looking for on the day of?

April - Consistency is the name of the game. Coming back from Manchester I thought I had peaked. But was pleasantly surprised to notice that my strength over the last few weeks was increasing exponentially. I had managed to pull almost 50lbs more over all then I did in Manchester. Chris and I are very happy with the progress.  In the Northern Classic this past weekend I managed to bench 181lbs, squat 336lbs and deadlift 363lbs for an over all total of 880lbs. 


Q - How was your experience in PG compared to the UK earlier in the year?

April -  The competitions in Prince George are always so amazing. The strength and power that is displayed at these competitions is unreal. The owners Mike and Tara Webber always put on a great competition. There really is no comparison between the two. The Northern Classic really brings about fresh new faces and young people who are up and coming to the sport. There was a young man who is also from the Peace region no more then 16 years old who deadlift 600lbs. That an incredible amount of weight for someone so young. 


Q - Did you pick up anything in terms of competition from PG to use moving forward in your day to day workouts?

April - Every comp brings new and exciting things for me. This comp was about learning new skills and drills for bench. As a women bench is the hardest skill for us to grow in and this time around I picked apart a few ladies brains to see what their regime for bench looked like and how the skills differed from mine. 


Q - What’s up next for you? Is there an “off season” for powerlifting, or is it pretty much 365/year round?

April - There is an off season for sure, and I'm in it. The next few months will be about building strength and increasing muscle mass. The shift in my brain from Comp season to off season comes with open arms. This season for me was a long one with worlds and 3 regular competitions my body is ready for a deload. 


Baldassarre picked up a Silver medal earlier this year in Manchester, UK at the 2022 AWPC World Championships, and expects to ramp up in February for May qualifying. 

"Worlds next year is in Louisiana and I'm so excited for it," she says.

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