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Array of evidence links "sextortion" suspect to Amanda Todd, prosecutor tells jury

Crown counsel sums up evidence in closing arguments of cyberbullying trial of extradited Dutch man

The Crown Counsel prosecuting Dutch citizen Aydin Coban in the cyberbullying trial of Port Coquitlam student Amanda Todd launched the last part of their closing arguments this morning (Friday).

Louise Kenworthy’s submission to Justice Martha Devlin and the 12-person jury at BC Supreme Court in New Westminster outlined how prosecutors claim Coban was the operator of 22 fake accounts in his online “sextortion” of the teen.

Coban has pleaded not guilty to five charges; none of the allegations is proven in court.

Kenworthy told the jury that testimony and evidence over the past eight weeks proves Coban, 44, a computer repairman, lived alone in a rented bungalow in the Netherlands that was raided in January 2014.

And, in that takedown by the Dutch National Police, officers seized a number of computers, hard drives and other technology that Crown Counsel says link Coban with Todd through chats and messages with her and her Facebook friends, as well as folders and bookmarks, on two devices.

On one machine — a Hitachi hard drive found in a box in Bedroom 3, which had a Windows virtual machine, in use from July 2008 to February 2011 — Kenworthy said digital forensic experts recovered connections to Todd and her friends via the following aliases: 

  • marzattack1 (Skype)
  • whatsthisman11 (YouTube)
  • kelseyrain2 (Skype)
  • Tomas Coco Pops (Facebook)
  • toddtit (Skype)
  • Katie Hutchkins (Gmail)
  • zackzoof (Skype)
  • kody maxson (Facebook)
  • Alice Mcallister (Facebook)

There was also evidence on the Hitachi device that an alias named Daimon Luci had a video file named “amanda todd.wmv.” 

On Nov. 9, 2009, when Todd was 11, Luci ordered Todd to give him her Skype address “or I will send this video to all the Todd family.”

That video had been played on Dec. 26, 2010 — the same day two video links to the porn site were uploaded, the court heard.

Kenworthy said the hard drive also contained Facebook folders with the name “Amanda Todd” that were used to gather personal details about her, her family, friends and school.

“He wasn’t keeping all of that information in his head,” Kenworthy said, noting the folders “allowed him to pursue his scheme.”


On other hard drive, a Western Digital device also found in a box in Bedroom 3, more aliases with links to Todd were recovered by police, Kenworthy said, including: 

  • kelseyrain2 (Skype)
  • Monica Stewart (Facebook)
  • zackbrutalnot (Skype)
  • Marc Camerons (Facebook)
  • tylersike123 (Skype)
  • Katie Hutchkins (Gmail)
  • amandaluzl1 (Skype)
  • Austin Collins (Facebook)
  • Tyler Boo (Facebook)
  • zackczack (Facebook)
  • codyroxhard (Skype)

On the same hard drive was a deleted bookmark, created on Oct. 23, 2011, to child porn of Todd, Kenworthy alleged, via a link, which was distributed by four aliases.

As well, there was a deleted file that was found with a folder called “Amanda Todd” that contained bookmarks of many of Todd’s Facebook friends — some of whom were also sent the URL.

The trial continues.