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Amanda Todd’s name showed up on seized devices: witness

Multiple deleted files on hardware taken from Dutch home had teen’s name, investigator tells court

Electronic devices seized from a Dutch rental home in January 2014 revealed deleted files containing the name of Port Coquitlam student Amanda Todd, a BC Supreme Court heard Thursday morning (July 14).

In his testimony before Justice Martha Devlin and the jury in New Westminster, RCMP Sgt. Keith Hack with B.C.’s RCMP forensic investigations team read from his 147-page report for Crown Counsel about references he found to Todd on seven Dutch devices.

Hack said he was able to view the deleted histories and files using high-tech software tools.

One deleted bookmark with the name “amanda todd” had 15 Facebook links that included two connections to accounts named “Amanda Todd” and “Amanda Michelle Todd,” the court heard.

As part of his investigation, Hack also recovered deleted videos — one of which had the name “AmandaTodd.wmv” — as well as shellbags (used to track previous views) with Todd’s name.

In addition, Hack said he uncovered more than 350 references to the porn website on one device, and 600 references on a second hard drive taken from the home.

On the second device, a link was bookmarked and deleted, Hack testified. Crown Counsel Louise Kenworthy then showed the jury a letter from someone named “Monica Stewart” that contained the same bookmark URL.

Earlier in the trial, Todd’s mother, Carol, told the court she received a Facebook message from "Monica Stewart" on Nov. 1, 2011, that contained hyperlinks, as well as information about her daughter's online activities.

Hack said the seized hard drives also showed the names of accounts used to chat and call via Skype and Messenger. Among them, dylanmess1, notontheotherside,,, dylan Camerons, daveycamerons and kelseymeowz. 

Hack said one device that he examined showed 68 Skype calls — with kelseymeowz listed as the recipient — between Jan. 2 and 12, 2014. And Skype chats on the same device revealed thousands of messages with the name kelseymeowz between Dec. 17, 2013 and Jan. 13, 2014 — shortly before Aydin Coban was arrested by Dutch National Police.

In his report, Hack also identified Coban’s full or partial name on the seized devices on deleted files, shell bag entries, an external drive, a web cache and text documents.

Coban of the Netherlands has pleaded not guilty to

  • extortion
  • importing and distributing child pornography
  • possession of child pornography
  • communicating with the intent to lure a child
  • criminal harassment

None of the allegations is proven in court.

The trial continues.